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Magna Grecia, un invito al viaggio

An invitation to voyage

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An invitation to voyage
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Lucania is a land of woods and magic, where mountains and sea blend together in a concert of silences, fragrances and extraordinary colours. It’s an almost completely uncontaminated land, its most intimate and natural secrets unknown to the outside world, with its spectacle of “naturalized civilisation” that manages to preserve the tradition of each single village.

TextWater. The sea waves ploughing since time immemorial. Air. The winds that have always born witness to archaic languages and cultures. Earth. The abundance of a land that has always born fruits. Fire. The symbol of the arrival of a new civilisation. Each of the elements whispers memories of a glorious past:

Magna Grecia.

From the ear of wheat that symbolises the colony of Metapontum up until present day this is an agriculturally based economy whose culture has always relied on its symbols and its land. The region’s Ionic strip of land is where the Greek colonies established themselves, attracted as they were by the natural richness of the inland. A fertile territory, it’s crossed by five streams: Bradano, Basento, Cavone, Agri and Sinni that all run into the waters of the Mediterranean.


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